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You’ve reached the website of As you can see from the letter, news article and editorial below, is closing its doors at the end of December 2016. However, our website and past reports will remain available until December 2018.

If you need to reach Mark Real, please email him at

Thank you for the opportunity to work together.

Mark Real and Mary Hopmann

Kidsohio Closing Letter Columbus Dispatch Announces closing

About KidsOhio was created in 2002 in response to community, education and business leaders who wanted an effective, data-driven, nonpartisan organization focused on improving public education in Ohio. The organization is nonpartisan, funded by the private sector and does not accept any government monies or contracts.

Data Analysis

Analyzes data so that education policy decisions are based on a careful analysis of facts.


Advocates for effective public schools that meet the unique education needs of each child.


Team Strength

We believe in a diverse range of personnel and partners to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Mark Real

Mark Real

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Mary Hopmann

Mary Hopmann

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Mark Real

Mark Real

Attorney Mark Real is the founding president of He has chaired Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman’s Education Advisory Committee, headed Governor George Voinovich’s Head Start Task Force, and was a member of Governor Bob Taft’s Commission on Student Success, Governor Richard Celeste’s Commission to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy and Governor Ted Strickland’s Ohio’s College Career-Readiness & Policy Institute.

Mary Hopmann

Mary Hopmann

Mary manages the organization’s operations and provides program and publications expertise to all KidsOhio projects.  Her early career as a research associate and publications specialist includes the Children’s Defense Fund (Ohio & Washington, DC) and the Family Impact Seminar of the Institute for Educational Leadership. While raising her family, Mary owned and operated a small interior decorating business. Mary was a parent advocate and volunteer in the Bexley City School District for over 16 years.  She received the Bexley Friend of Education Award in 2003. She has presented parent-school district collaboration workshops at the Battelle for Kids’ National Value-Added Conference and the Ohio Association for Gifted Children Annual Conference.  Mary is currently a member of the State Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council.


We are good at

There is a great need for reliable information on education issues in Ohio for today and tomorrow.

Identifying Child Trends
National Center Statistics
Dropout Rates
Graduation Rates
 What Could Be Better Than Improving Education?
our-philosophy-is has become the “go-to” group for nonpartisan information about key education trends statewide !

Columbus Dispatch – Mayor Michael Coleman

Our Publications

Our library of publications includes more than a decade of nonpartisan briefs and reports.

Academic and Schools

Publications about current education policy issues, data analyses and more. Read More

District Funding

Publications about how schools are funded. Read More


Publications about innovative school facilities and new and renovated school facilities. Read More

Parental Choice

Publications about the school choices parents make— includes results of parent polling. Read More