Notes from the Field: Linden Park Neighborhood Early Childhood Education Center Opens

A new city-school district partnership opens a new early childhood education center in the Linden neighborhood. Here are Mark Real’s observations from the center’s open house on October 27, 2016:


USDOE Releases Guidelines on Using Evidence to Strengthen Education Investments

Today, the US Department of Education released non-regulatory guidance on using evidence to strengthen education investments to support evidence-based decision making by states, districts, schools, educators, and partners:


Today’s Columbus Dispatch Story on Central Ohio Schools’ Grade Cards

The 2015-2016 reports were sent to public school districts and buildings on Thursday. Read more about the Central Ohio schools’ grade cards in today Columbus Dispatch:


Columbus City Schools Propose Issue 57 on the Fall Ballot

Issue 57 is the Columbus City Schools’ proposed ballot issue for 6.92 mills to support the district with additional staffing, make deferred repairs, and set up an ongoing schedule of maintenance, repair and replacement to prevent future backlogs. Details about Issue 57 can be found here in our latest nonpartisan guide: CCS Proposed Ballot Issue 57 Guide – 4-pager – FINAL – 090116

The district’s report card is available on the ODE website, including a downloadable printed version:



The Ohio Department of Education is asking for feedback for the development of the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. You may choose to answer all or part of the questions. The survey may be found at


Columbus City Schools place 6.92-mill levy ballot issue

On November 8, 2016, voters will see a Columbus City Schools ballot issue for 6.92 mills to support additional staffing, address deferred maintenance needs, and provide ongoing repair and replacement needs. Details about this three-part ballot issue can be found here in our latest fact sheet: CCS Proposed Ballot Issue Fact Sheet, FINAL – 2-pager – 081516



ODE 2016 Ohio School Report Card Resources

The Ohio Department of Education will be releasing the 2015-2016 Ohio school reports card in mid-September. To learn more about the report card components, the department has published resources and fact sheets on their website:

ODE – 2016_OVERVIEW_OhioSchoolReportCards

ODE – 2016 Report Card – Achievement Component

ODE – 2016 Report Card – Progress Component

ODE – 2016 Report Card – Gap-Closing Component

ODE – 2016 Report Card – Graduation Rate Component

ODE – 2016 Report Card – K3-Literacy Component

ODE – 2016 Report Card – Prepared4Success Component