Dispatch editorial: KidsOhio stood above the fray

KidsOhio.org will be ceasing operations on December 31, 2016 after nearly 15 years of providing nonpartisan research, publications and public policy work in education reform. Our sincerest thanks to our board, funders and former staff for making all of this work possible. We look forward to the next chapter of continuing our work in the central Ohio community.

We also thank The Columbus Dispatch for their supportive editorial on Sunday, December 4, 2016:


Editorial: KidsOhio stood above the fray

Sunday December 4, 2016 5:00 AM

For 15 years, the education think tank called KidsOhio.org provided Ohio with credible, authoritative, objective and insightful analysis of educational issues, ranging from third-grade reading, to why parents value charter schools, to voter participation in education-related elections.

In a field filled with conflicting philosophies about education and sometimes bitter political fights over school funding, charter schools and testing, KidsOhio stood above the fray, offering clear and trustworthy data and conclusions. President Mark Real and colleague Mary Hopmann earned wide respect as they worked with all sides in many contentious areas of education.

In all, the agency produced more than 90 reports, and shining through each one is the love and concern that the board and staff feel for Ohio’s children. According to Real, the leaders of KidsOhio have decided that it now is time to use other means to advance education in Ohio.

Many thanks are owed to founder Abigail Wexner and the board of community leaders and the funders who made this work possible. And good luck to Real and Hopmann, who remain an invaluable resource for the advancement of education.