September 30, 2013 ann

Where are Columbus’ highest and lowest performing schools located?

Seven percent of 115 Columbus district schools and seven percent of 56 public charter schools in Columbus earned an A or B for Performance Index in school year 2012-2013. Seventy-four percent of district schools and 64 percent of charter schools in Columbus earned a D or F. Performance Index is a composite score for all state tests in all tested grades. This is one of nine measures on the 2012-2013 state report card.

Click the links below to view a map of Columbus’ A and B schools and a map of the City’s D and F schools, as well as an analysis of Columbus district and charter school Performance Index grades.

Where are Columbus' highest performing performing school located?

Where are Columbus’ lowest performing district and public charter schools located? 
Performance Index Grades for Columbus District and Columbus Public Charter Schools 




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